Souls and Hallows (2018, Reanimus Press)

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A spiritual and spooky look at the future – 35 stories in 4 parts

Release Date: November 1, 2018  

Part 1: The Spirit of the Place

Part 2: The Ghost in the Machine

Part 3: Creatures and Creations

Part 4: …from Outer Space!

Walls And Wonders (2018, ReAnimus Press)


Cover Art by Clay Hagebusch

“Calling Out, Breaking Through, Tearing Down, To Build Anew”

Facing an uncertain future, do we – as individuals and as a society – build wonders to explore new opportunities or build walls to protect what we have? Explore 21 futures in Walls and Wonders, a science fiction anthology that includes the Hugo Award finalist “Asymmetrical Warfare.”

Reviews for Walls and Wonders

  • Tangent Online: “[S]omething to appeal to almost anyone interested in science fiction.”
  • Abyss and Apex: “[T]here is not a bad one in the lot, and ReAnimus Press has done us all a favor bringing these stories back to light.”
  • Lela E. Buis: “Algernon makes the leap to representing completely alien life forms, imagining possible creatures and their concerns. The brilliant “Asymmetrical Warfare” falls into this category, as does “Once More, onto the Beach” and “Symbiosis.””


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