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Warming Season – Available on January 31, 2020!

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Please click here for Warming Season, Book 1 of the Cygnus series.


Please click here for the Walls and Wonders anthology, including:

  • “Achievement”
  • “Asymmetrical Warfare”  (Hugo finalist)
  • “Oubliette”
  • “The Meme Hunter”
  • “Thicker Than Water”

For reviews, click here.


Please click here for the Souls and Hallows anthology, including:

  • In Cygnus and in Hell
  • Plan of the Space-Borne Grave Robbers
  • Rosetta
  • The World of Yesterday

For a review, click here:


Here are some of the stories that I have sold so far. Enjoy!

Titles marked with [WW] appear in Walls and Wonders.


Short Stories

  • [WW] “Achievement”
  • [WW] “Affirmations”
  • [SH] “All Soul’s Day”
  • [SH] “Cold Reading”
  • [SH] “The Egg Game”
  • [WW] “Election Day”
  • [WW] “End Times”
  • [SH] “The Eye of Reason”
  • [SH] “Followers”
  • [SH] “The Last Dragon Slayer”
  • [SH] “The Legacy Plague”
  • [SH] “In Vitro”
  • [WW] “The Man with the Opaque Skull”
  • [WW] “The Meme Hunter”
  • [SH] “Native Tongue”
  • [SH] “No Survivors”
  • [WW] “On Main Street, After Closing Time”
  • [SH] “On Main Street, At Daybreak”
  • [WW] “Once More, onto the Beach”
  • [SH] “Plan of the Space-Borne Grave-Robbers
  • [SH] “Rosetta”
  • [WW] “Sculptors”
  • [WW] “Severance”
  • [WW] “Sort-of Damocles”
  • [WW] “Symbiosis”
  • [WW] “Thicker than Water”
  • [WW] “Unperished”
  • [SH] “The Warning Sign”*
  • [WW] “Witness”
  • {SH] “The World of Yesterday”

Flash Fiction

*Mad Scientist Journal titles its stories as if written by the fictional narrator. As a result, these stories appeared under a different title in MSJ.